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Fic: Strangers

Title: Strangers
Character/Pairing: OMC/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: Rating for sex and language.
Don't own them. Never have, never will and it's a bloody shame.
Notes: Here's my first stab at het, so be gentle with me. This in no way reflects what might happen to me in London. This just kind of popped into my head one night and demanded to be written. There will probably be another part to this, but I'm not sure. We'll see what happens. And I just realized that I have two fics called "Strangers", but oh well, too late to change it now. As always a big hug to my beta, fredbassett

It started to sprinkle as she made her way down the sidewalk, trying to figure out how to get back to her hotel. If only she'd left the theatre a little earlier, when it was still light outside. It was only her third day in the city and she was completely lost. She stopped in front of a small cafe to look at the street signs, sighing when she realized that wasn't going to help. She stepped back a few paces to regain her bearings, looking left then right. She shook her head and turned abruptly to her right, heading back in the direction she'd just come from.

She didn't notice him until they collided, his coffee covering the front of her coat as her purse fell to the ground.

"I'm so sorry," she said on the verge of tears as she began to pick up her things, "I wasn't paying attention.....I'm so sorry,"

"No, no," he replied, setting down the empty cup and his mobile to help her, "It's alright. I should've been paying more attention," Their eyes met and he smiled, "Bloody mobiles can be so distracting."

She smiled back, "Thank you."

They both stood up, each of them clutching a handle of her bag, their eyes still focused on each other.

After what seemed like an eternity, he cleared his throat, "I believe this is yours," he said, giving her the other handle. She laughed nervously as she took it from him, his long fingers brushing lightly against hers. Her face felt like it was on fire. He smiled brighter, bending over to pick up his mobile and the empty cup. They stood smiling awkwardly at each other for a few more seconds before he noticed the dark stain on her coat.

"Bloody hell!" he said loudly, "I'm so sorry about your coat," his hand moved to the front of her coat to brush at the stain then stopped. This time he blushed.

"No, it's fine really. It'll wash out."

"Are you sure?" he asked, "I wouldn't want to be responsible for ruining a perfectly good coat."

"Really it's fine. If it doesn't then I have a good excuse to buy an even better coat. I never liked this one very much anyway. I'd say you did me a favor."

"Well then I don't feel so bad," he chuckled, "At least let me make it up to you. Let me buy you a coffee or something,"

She shook her head, "It's not necessary, really. I don't want to take up more of your time."

He laughed, "Oh believe me, you're not. In fact I enjoy standing on corners in the rain talking to beautiful, coffee-stained women,"

She smiled brightly up at him, "Alright, but not coffee. I think I've had all the coffee I can stand tonight."

"Alright then," he laughed, "How about tea?"

She nodded, "Tea sounds perfect."

"I hope you won't think me so bold, but I make a really mean cup of tea. In fact my flat is just 'round the corner. It'll give you the chance to clean up as well,"

"I don't know," she replied, "I don't normally go to strangers' flats, especially not when I'm in a foreign country."

He stuck his hand out and introduced himself. She laughed as she shook his hand and gave her name, "There. Now we're not strangers anymore. How about it? Please. I'll beg if I have to."

"Okay," she laughed again. "Lead the way"

"Brilliant!" he said, a grin spreading across his lips.


"Here ya go," he said, handing her another cup of tea and sliding back onto the couch next to her. Her 'dry clean only' jacket was hanging on the door to the bathroom, air drying. They'd been talking and laughing for the past hour.

"Thank you,"

"My pleasure," he replied, giving her a gorgeous smile.

"Can I ask what it is that you do?"

"Well, I'm a writer," he replied.

"Really? Anything I might have read?"

"Probably not. Most of it's just been published in the UK."

She smiled, "Wow. That's great. You know, I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid, but my dad told me to be more realistic about my career choices," she sighed, "My dad was kind of an asshole."

He laughed, "What did you grow up to be then?"

She sighed again, "A lawyer....like my father."

"Hmmm....do you enjoy it?" he asked, gazing attentively at her.

"Sometimes.....and sometimes I want to run off to a tropical island and live the rest of my life in peace and quiet," she grinned at him, leaning forward to set the cup on the coffee table, before settling back onto the couch next to him.

"I understand that. I feel the same way sometimes too, but then I realize how much I love doing this and decide to stay home. May I ask another question?"

"Of course you can," She was enjoying this. In fact, this was as talkative as she had ever been with someone she'd only known for an hour.

"What brings you to London?"

"I've always want to visit here, but I've never gotten the chance. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it. Everyone was upset that I'd be traveling alone, but it was something I needed to do. I've never traveled alone before. I've always had someone with me," She scooted a little closer to him, just enough to make their shoulders brush against each other.

"I hope you're having fun,"

She looked up at him, "I am."

He brought his left hand to her cheek and touched it lightly. He leaned toward her until their lips were mere inches apart and whispered, "I'm glad," He pressed his mouth gently to hers, his fingers caressing the back of her neck. He tilted his head, so that they fitted together perfectly. His tongue teased at the edge of her bottom lip before pushing past it. She moaned as he explored her mouth, her hand moving to undo the first three buttons on his shirt before sliding inside and stroking his collarbone with her thumb.

He pulled his lips from hers and she made a small sound of protest. They were both breathless and panting.

"I've never done this before," he finally said.

"Neither have I," she replied, leaning her forehead against his.

He looked her in the eyes, "Tell me to stop and I will," his deep voice becoming thicker.

She turned her body towards his and wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands threading into his hair. He responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her against him.

"Don't stop," she whispered, her lips meeting hungrily with his. He pulled her even closer as he began leaning her back against the couch, shifting so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. He settled on top of her, his growing erection pressing into her stomach. She arched her back and moaned. His mouth moved from her swollen lips to her neck licking and nipping as he went, finally settling on her pulse point. He unwrapped one of his arms from her waist and ran one of his hands down her side to the edge of her skirt. His hand lingered for a moment on her thigh, as if unsure, before pushing underneath her skirt. She moaned again as his warm hand squeezed and stroked her thigh.

Her hands moved to cradle his face as she brought his lips back to hers, they settled there for a few moments before stroking down his neck to his chest, undoing the rest of the buttons. Their lips parted for the few seconds it took them to quickly remove their shirts. Her lips found his neck, hungrily sucking at is pulse point. He moaned into the crook of her neck as his hands moved further up her thighs, pushing her skirt up to her hips. He stroked the lace at the top of her panties with his thumb as her hands made their way to his belt, undoing it and his pants with three quick movements. Their mouths met again, lips pushing roughly against each other.

Her hand pushed it's way into his boxers and wrapped around his throbbing cock. He moaned into her mouth as she began stroking him gently. His grip tightened on her hips as he pulled his mouth from her.

"Stop," he said breathlessly as he extracted her hand from his boxers and planted both hands on the sofa underneath her. "Wait here," he murmured as he pushed himself off the couch and padded quickly to the bathroom.

She took a moment to breathe as she heard him digging around in the bathroom. She still couldn't believe this was happening. She'd never fucked anyone she'd just met before, in fact, it normally took a great deal longer before she'd let anyone in her pants. She was trying to figure out what made him so different from the other men when the light clicked off in the bathroom and she saw him walking back towards her, tearing the wrapper off a condom and discarding it on the floor as he went.

They smiled at each other as he resumed his position between her legs and pushed his pants down so he could free his cock from his boxers and apply the condom. She sat up when she noticed him having trouble with it and took over.

He laughed nervously, "Sorry. I'm a bit nervous," He inhaled sharply as she rolled the condom down his shaft. She smiled up at him when she was finished, her hands reached up to his neck and she pulled his face towards hers.

"It's alright. So am I,"

He returned the smile and kissed her, leaning her gently back against the couch. He sat up once more, moving his hands to her panties and removing them. He can could tell just how wet she was and it made his cock even harder. He leaned forward, a hand settling on one of her hips, and kissed her passionately. His other hand moved between them as he took his cock in hand and positioned himself, pushing into her slowly. She moaned loudly and arched her back, her arms wrapping around his neck as he penetrated her. He stilled for a moment once he was buried deep inside her. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she trembled slightly underneath him, whimpering, begging him to move. He kissed her swollen lips lightly before pulling back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside her than thrusting forward.

He kept his pace slow at first, before speeding up a little, her legs wrapping tighter around his waist. She threw her head back and moaned again, her hips picking up the rhythm of his. His hand pushed up one side of her bra and his mouth found her breast, taking the nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently at first, her hands tangling in his hair.

"Harder," she moaned as her grip tightened in his hair. He sucked harder, alternately flicking her hard nipple with his tongue, making her moan even louder. The sound of her moaning was turning him on even more.

She pulled his mouth from her nipple and brought it back to hers, pushing her tongue past his lips. Her breathing became ragged as she threw her head back and arched against him. She dug her nails into his back, gasping and moaning at the same time as she came, her muscles tightening around his cock. It's the tightness that pushed him over the edge and he groaned into her neck as he came.


They lay there on the sofa, limbs tangled around each other. His head is cradled against the crook of her neck, her hand absently stroking his back, as his fingers played with her hair.

"Will you stay the night with me?" he whispered into her skin.

She didn’t hesitate, "Yes." 


Oct. 11th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)
Aww. Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm glad you liked it. I am hoping this won't be the last het I write.

Thank you. I hope they do as well. I'm determined to enjoy myself no matter what happens. :D